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Q: What, and Where is Exuma?
A: Exuma and Little Exuma are two islands in a chain of islands known as "The Exumas" and all are part of the country of The Bahamas. Exuma and Little Exuma are joined by a bridge, and located some 300 miles from Florida. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the Islands, providing a tropical climate. The Queens Highway runs the full length of both islands, a total distance of around 80 miles

Q: How do I get to Exuma?
A: Direct flights to Exuma International (GGT) start from:
Miami with American Airlines (;
Fort Lauderdale with Silver Airways (
Atlanta with Delta Airlines (
Toronto with Air Canada (
Nassau with Bahamasair or Sky Bahamas ( &

Q: Why spend a vacation in Exuma Bahamas?
A: Great Exuma and Little Exuma have temperatures from no more than the 90's in high summer and and no lower than the 70's on winter, the perfect climate for a vacation year round. Many bays, each with soft sand beaches, and usually deserted. Coral reefs, soft sand, bountiful sun and many restaurants, with local and international cuisine to satify your desires. What more can you want for a relaxing vacation on a tropical island.

Q:How do I know that the property descriptions are accurate?
A: All properties have been visited by VRE, and all reviews are guaranteed to be by genuine guests who we can confirm did spend a vacation at the property?.

Q: When do we have to pay?
A: You will pay as required by the property owner (details on the rental page) most owners require half of the total cost to confirm the booking. The other half will be required one month prior to arrival. Some owners require the final payment be made in cash upon arrival

Q: Is my deposit refundable?
A: Most properties have a policy whereby the deposit of 50% is refundable if you cancel up to 30 days prior to the arrival date less $100 admin fee. No refund will be given within the 30 days prior to the arrival date. However the property owner may offer alternative dates at their discretion. Always check with the owner to see if their policy is different.

Q: what is there to do in Exuma?
A: Dotted along the edge of both islands are some of the best beaches in the World. The sand is powder soft and often protected by offshore reefs and islands resulting in calm waters even on a windy day. There is a good chance that yours will be the only footprints in the sand. If you want something more energetic than swimming, walking or just lying on the beach Exuma has that for you. we have all day boat trips through the island chain with stops at different islands to feed wild pigs, swim with nurse sharks, laze on a sandbar and explore caves as you meander through the islands that Hollywoods elite own. You can try kayaking trips to deserted islands, you can catch bonefish on our World famous bonefish flats, you can try Kiteboarding, whichever way the wind blows there is a perfect beach to kiteboard from. You can scuba, you can snorkel, you can rent a boat for the day and explore the many beaches and reefs in Elizabeth Harbour, you can picnic on a deserted island that is a marine reserve, you can play tennis, play golf. Feeling tired yet !!

Q: Should we rent a car?
A: Your options are to rent a car, rent a scooter or hire a taxi. Because the islands are long and thin (about 80 miles by between 1 and 2 miles), and because the beaches and restaurants are spread through out, you need transport to explore and enjoy. The taxis are either based at the Airport or in the capital George Town, so if your accommodation is 10 miles from town you will have to contact a taxi by cell phone, and if he is available he will collect you and deliver you and you will have to pay for both coming to you and taking you. Then how are you getting home after an 2 hours on a beach...You see the problem?
This is why we always recommend guests rent a car. Then you can come and go as you wish, when you wish. We have 4 car rental companies at present and the rate for a week is around $375 depending on the type and size of car.

Q: What is the currency in the Bahamas ?
A: The Bahamian dollar which is linked to the US dollar so 1 Bahamian dollar equals 1 US dollar. You will be able to pay in either currency and you will receive change in either currency. We do have ATM in our banks.

Q: What voltage do you have in Exuma ?
A: Same as US. 120 volts