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Q: How do I add my property to this website?
A: Go to the Home page and click on the "LIST YOUR PROPERTY" link below the picture. Complete the form and click submit, The folks at VRE will be in touch to complete your submission and add photos and video before adding your listing to the website.

Q: What will it cost to add my property?
A: There is NO CHARGE to add your property. It is FREE.

Q: How do you make any money if it is free to join?
A: The purpose of this website is to promote the beautiful islands of Exuma and to encourage additional tourism and provide one website with many Exuma rental accommodations

Q: When does the property owner get their money?
A: VRE will forward all inquiries to the owner. The owner will confirm the costs and payment policy and payment will go directly from the renter to the owner or their agent

Q: Why does the owner and inquirer e mails go through VRE?
A: By feeding the e mails through our system we protect you from identity theft, from spam and phishing where hackers search for current e mail addresses and sell them. Then the only messages you get will be inquiries and bookings.