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big d's
BIG D's at STEVENTON. If Daryn is there go for a conch salad. He makes the best in Exuma. His colorful beachside restaurant should be on everyone's list
Sun-Sat 11am-dusk
Big D's
BIG D's STOCKING ISLAND. Take the ferry across, swim the beautiful beach, walk over the hill to the Ocean plus a great meal.
Chat N Chill
CHAT 'N CHILL on STOCKING ISLAND.K.B. the propriator has grown an enviable reputation especially for his Sunday pig roast. On one of the best beaches in Exuma, with regular viits from the sting rays.
every day from 11am
SANTANNA'S BAR & GRILL. Situated on the beach in Williamstown. Dee has built an amazing reputation. Forget the calories, ignore the chlorestrol, just tuck into the most sumtuous meal in Exuma. Excellant value for money
closed Sunday & Monday
EDDIE EDGEWATERS. Located in George Town by Lake Victoria. The food is typical Bahamain fare.
7-11am Breakfast. 11.30-4.30pm Lunch. 6-9pm Dinner.
Go on a Monday evening for the "Rake and Scrape"
closed Sunday
Fish Fry
FISH FRY. Located in George Town by Lake Victoria. Dont be put off by the appearance, the food is typical Bahamain fare.
Club P&P
PEACE & PLENTY. Located in George Town by Lake Victoria. Thursday night is barbecue night with live music.
many from 11am.
Exuma Point
EXUMA POINT. In Rolle Ville at the northern end of Exuma. On the beach. Great brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Great Setting.
breakfast, lunch, dinner
Catch A Fire
CATCH A FIRE. Located on the southside of Exuma. Take Moss Town road and watch for sign on left. Down a 1 mile track. Great for sunsets.
Sat & Sun brunch from 12.30
PALAPPA Next door to Sandals Resort. At Grand Isle. Beautiful setting around an infinity pool. 358 5000
St Francis
ST FRANCIS. Located on Stocking Island. Get the ferry from town. indoor or outdoor setting overlooking Elizabeth Harbour and the visiting boats. Reliably good
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